Our Story

Welcome to a new era of conscious luxury

Our Purpose

Itara embodies passion — to embrace innovation, to pioneer conscious luxury, to infuse diamonds into your everyday life. 

Each piece of Itara lab-grown jewelry reflects our commitment to building a sustainable future. Honest, ethical and contemporary, we’re bringing you diamonds without the conflict.

Let’s revolutionize the way you wear jewelry. Let’s redefine luxury together.

Our Promise

Real radiance, real beauty — an Itara diamond is simply real

Our diamonds are grown with the conscious intent to complement ethical choices

Each piece of Itara jewelry is carefully crafted to last a lifetime

From everyday moments to milestones, Itara diamonds celebrate your brilliance

Our delicate classics and bespoke creations add elegance to your every day

Luxury Without Compromise

At Itara, we believe your jewelry has a sentimental value.

We create each piece to order, to give you jewelry that’s a personal, meaningful expression of who you are. This also allows us to minimize waste and create sustainable, versatile jewelry you’ll be proud to wear every day. Our diamonds are responsibly sourced and crafted to perfection, made for the concious customer who cares about quality and value.

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Bespoke Services

You deserve jewelry that brings you joy. We design custom, one-of-a-kind pieces based on your needs, so you can express your personality through an Itara creation.

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Join us on our journey in sustainable luxury as we service your lab-grown diamond needs with the highest quality diamonds and jewelry.

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